M6060 / M7060

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The Category I/II 3-point hitches provide fast and simple attachment of rear-mounted implements with telescopic lower link ends, standard on all models, which further shows how Kubota is a step above.

对于经济PTO操作,将杠杆改为540E位置。该发动机以较低的RPM运行,以节省燃料并降低工作噪音,同时仍在将PTO轴以540 RPM转动。在经济PTO运行下,在M6060 / M7060,1828年发动机RPM提供540 pto rpm。

* M7060 HD12 / HDC12上的标准;F8 / R8和其他M60系列型号可选

拉动,提升,切割或母线 - 液压独立的PTO使您最艰难的工作更容易。与电动PTO开关的自调制接合装置(例如后切割器)平滑地接合。当离合器关闭并牢固地保持PTO轴时,PTO制动器啮合。PTO离合器可以液压啮合并脱离。这意味着割草,操作干草设备或喷涂果园都是更有效的。


Stay comfortable year-round in the Ultra Grand Cab – with curved glass and curved upper windshield for more visibility. For even more comfort, the optional Air Ride seat offers exceptional seat suspension to make sure whatever path you’re on is smooth.

M60系列还有时间测试的Kubota锥齿轮前轴,允许与传统的U形关节前轴相比,允许低维护,特殊转动半径和更好的地间隙。The bevel-gear front axle provides the M60 Series with greater all-around maneuverability, whether you’re in the tight confines of a barnyard or straddling tall windrows in a hay field. The limited slip differential on the front and differential lock on the rear are standard features, offering increased stability and traction on the challenging ground conditions.

  • F8/R8 Transmissions – Four speed synchronized main shift and a high/low range supply tractors with 8 Forward and 8 Reverse speeds
  • F12/R12 Transmissions (Factory Option)* – Six speed synchronized main shift and a high/low range give a total of 12 Forward and 12 Reverse speeds to help find the right speed for different applications


  • 超驱动(仅限F12 / R12型号) - 过载功能在高速驾驶期间,在高速驾驶期间,将发动机转速保持在1960年左右,以实现更好的燃油经济性

The M60 Series operator’s station provides optimal comfort with a deluxe seat, armrests, wide area rubber floor mat and ergonomic controls built into a console for a more refined finish. The M60 Series also has deluxe features such as a hydraulic shuttle and fully synchronized main shift transmission that allows for clutchless forward and reverse direction changes and easy on the go shifting.

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M60 - 盒子刮板
M60 - All flex mowers
Backhoe - M60 and M5
M60 - 直到播种机
M60 - 所有工具
M60 - Quick hitches
M60 - Disc harrows
M60 - Food plot seeders
干草工具 - M6060 / 6070
M60 - 捆包矛
M60 - Grooming Mowers
M60 - Grading scrapers
M60 - Rotary Cutters
M60 - 动力耙子
M60 - 所有播种机
M60 - Post hole diggers
M60 - 牧场曝气器

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